2017 Reads

I dont know about anyone else but I have no idea how I survived without Goodreads.  Especially now we live in the world of Ebooks,  and different covers/names for different countries, or just between the hard and paperback.  On a couple of occasions I have still been caught out by different versions being available on Goodreads and reading a couple of pages thinking “hmmm this is familiar”.

Dont get me wrong – I dont mind re-reading a book, picking up the hints and clues i missed the first time round,  but when you pay to download a book you ve already got it can be frustrating.

But Im going off on a tangent. I wanted to review all of the books I finished in 2017. I set myself a reading challenge of 30 books and managed to complete 55 – I really dont know where I find the time! (especially when the wonderful works of Sarah J Maas and Cassandra Clare have an excess of 600 pages in a book).


When I look back at the covers of the books I read not a single one jumps out,  which considering I choose alot of my books by the cover Im quite surprised by –  I also cant choose a favorite.  A Court of Wings and Ruin is definetly a contender, but so is the Roanoke Girls, Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine and The last Mrs Parish.

Happy 2017 to you all and lets hope 2018 brings many more literary marvels.

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