Run Rose Run

Who doesnt love a bit of Dolly? honestly? even its its just 9-5 and Joelyn. As soon as I saw she’d written a book I was all for it, so forgive my obvious country music love and keep reading!

This book is simply about a wannabe country music artist who travels to Nashville to make it big. Theres a hot guy, a legand and a one or two other recurring characters along the way supporting a questionable background our starlet is running from ( it is a co written book with James Patterson after all).

My inital thoughts were:

I wish I could read in the right accent because even in my head I am fully aware I cannot sound Southern,

Swiftly followed by a wish that I could hear the music. About 50% of the way into the book thanks to the newish cover feature on Kindle I spotted the small promo that there is indeed an album to tie in. love it! whats more I then spotted one of my favourite country stars Kelsea Ballerini was voicing the Audio Book, no prizes for guessing where my audible sub was spent this month!

For anyone that enjoyed the Nashville TV series I think you will really enjoy this story. Theres a little drama behind the trying to make it plotline – some bits feel a tad stretched but only after the book. What I hated was it felt totallywrapped up at the end – I could have happily read a few more books about these giys, their lives and the showbusiness world!

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