The Herd – Emily Edwards

This book raises a lot of questions that you really expect to be answered but know never will be.

Vaccination has always been topical, right now it’s a hot topic due to covid it the book pulls out the main thoughts, beliefs and actions from people who sit on boths sides. Its almost feels like a fair balanced assessment in fiction form which is brilliant.

In a small town where everyone knows everyone two BFF’s are on opposite sides, pro and anti vax for exactly the same reason. Fear.

The girls both have young daughters who are not vaccinated which is the main storyline here, but lurking in the background is not only the vax/antivax propaganda but also the pressures of being a mum, having responsibilities for your families wellbeing and coping with everything that comes with that.

Whilst I had a preferred character at one point I ll admit I wanted to slap both of them and tell them not to be so silly. I think this book is going to be a brilliant book club book but will likely make for some uncomfortable opinions when the readers discuss it.

The Herd is due out on February 3rd – dont be the only one not to get it!

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