The Final Round – Bernard O Keeffe

I must admit I was a little suprised to hear that exciting thump of a book landing on the doormat. I wasnt anticipating any book post until after the weekend but thanks to the lovely folks at Muswell Press and Bloody Scotland I had a new murder mystery to snuggle into the weekend with.

The Main Character, Detetcive Inspector Garibaldi is described as a cop who cant drive, loves country music and is self educated. If Id picked up the book in a shop Id have definetly brought it from that description.

Following the infamous boat race a body is found with the tounge cut out and a college scarf in the throat. As we follow DI Garibaldi through the journey of unravelling the mystery we learn more and more about the deceaseds old college mates.

Nick doenst usually attened the annual quiz that melissa throws but this year he shows up, looking a little worse for wear, with a group of people who look in no better condition.

Chris’s wife Kim never attends the quiz, but again this year she decides to go.

Theres been some competativeness between the group over the years so they are all a little suprised when the allegations come out.

Garibaldi slowly digs into the past activities and lives of the group, trying to find a motive, reason or just an explaination. As he does this we slowly learn about everyone and their families. Garibaldi stands out though, his personal life impacts his work life mildly and his interlect makes him come accross as a little eccentric to the people he meets but it works. I must admit I did sympathise with his sons beliefs about QPR – but I guess someone has to be a fan ;).

At one point in the story I was sure I had worked out the twise, it was so obvious to me but well hidden within the story. I couldnt have been more wrong!

I think this marks the start of a new detective series – I cant remember the last time I looked forward to the next detective novel as I am now..

The Final Round is out on 27 May.

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