Girl One – Sara Flannery Murphy

Eighteen women down to two, two down to…. Girl One.

This feels like it should be a dystopian book but its not. It really makes you think and wonder with the scientific snippits and what ifs woven inbetween an engrossing storyline.

Girl One is our main character. She was born on a homestead where along with eight other children they were part of a science experience. All of their mothers had a virgin birth. No man involved. They are medical miracles, anomalies, feared and celebrated.

The homestead burnt down a long time ago and Girl One aka Josephine doesnt have the best relaionship with her mother but despite this shes desperate to find her when she discovers her mums house has been burnt down too. Along the way she picks up clues to her mums past, the history of the experiment and reconnects with other girls.

It feels suprising that the purpose of her journey is all about finding her mum, if shes still alive but actually this almost becomes the backstory in the quest to understand more about her mums life before and in the early homestead years.

I really enjoyed this book with the exception of the almost magical element. I understand that we are all different and can do different things but at the same time I think we still need to appreciate life and death.

This is a feminist thriller that is almost suggesting that without the imput of men the human race would not just survive but could thrive and become the best versions of themselves.

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