And then she Vanishes – Clare Douglas

This is a story of family secrets and drama.

As a child Jess spent alot of time with Flora and Heather – Now shes a journalist looking into the accusation that Heather, her ex BFF, the sweetest girl she knew walked into a house and killed two people, for no apparent reason. Its a fine line between friendship and career for Jess, she needs this story, it could be big for her but this family was like her own. Can and will she use that to her advantage? How well do we really know our friends?

Flora disappeared suddenly one day, she was seeing a guy from the fair – and had been spending all of her time with him. We don’t learn that much about her as a character because shes gone. Only that she wanted to be more grown up than she was. We dont know if she ran away or if she was killed.

Heather is in a coma – but we are dreaming with her, learning. The person she is painted to be by the media, her family and friends makes the idea of her shooting two people sound unbelievable. But, there was a witness – she must’ve done it.

Jess is a mess internally. She has regrets from the past, recent and further out. Shes keeping secrets, doesnt know who to trust and is scared for her safety. How close can she get to this story, and will she cross the line and break confidences?

I loved this book, it flicks between now and then, when the girls were friends and everything was okay and now. Jess has her own demons, despite what seems like a perfectly happy life and its interesting to see if and how they come into play. The book slowly takes you through a short period of time, step by step, dropping hints and clues to make you think and question all the way through.

The book is due to be published on June 13th

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