Stolen Time – Danielle Rollins

Whilst this is a story of love, it’s a story of time travel, adapting and a little bit of science.

Dorothy, a con artist trained by her mother,  doesn’t want to get married, she wants to escape and just be herself.  

Ash is searching for the missing professor, and travelling through time to try and find him.  He also has a pre – memory of someone killing him. He knows it will be a girl with white hair that he loves.

When Dorothy stows away on his ship both of their worlds change – Is this how its always been, or by changing the past has the future now changed.

In the ‘current day’ of the book the world has changed dramatically, following some big earthquakes much of Seattle is underwater, its no longer part of America and people are asking if time travel is possible why cant we go back and change things.  I particularly like the link to Alice in Wonderland and the reminder that time is a circle, not a line. That you cant change something in the past without affecting the future – and that by saving people from the earthquake would only cause more problems for the future.   

Rapid space-travel, or travel back in time, cant be ruled out, according to our present understanding. They would cause great logical problems, so lets hope there’s a Chronology Protection Law to prevent people going back and killing our Parents.

Stephen Hawking

I enjoyed how different this book was to the usual YA style heroine who rides a horse, can sword fight or shoot a gun with unnatural talent. Dorothy is a normal girl living in a world where she only has her mother. All she has every known is how to con people, either with learned skills or batting her eyelashes. She isn’t anyone special – just a stowaway on a time travelling ship. 

The team that Dorothy works with were all specifically chosen from history – using account of people who went missing, in the hope that by missing what is really meant is time travelled.  They understand how Dorothy feels and have some sympathy for her. Together the team must work to get back to the right year, to find the Professor, and maybe then he can help Ash overcome his pre-memory.

The villain in the book is portrayed as a vigilante group, who take people and make them join the cause to change the past. Leading this group is a guy called Roman. He was the first person the professor recruited, hes intelligent, and well trained. The team he works with are notorious for their violence and when he meets Dorothy he talks to her like he’s met her before.  That he knows things about her – then she begins to get deja vu like memories. Roman telling her things.

It made me question whether Ash and his friend really were the good guys at this point. That’s how the book wanted me to think of them – but with Dorothy’s memories surfacing maybe they weren’t. It then made me question Dorothy herself.  Yes she’s been brought forwards in time, but we’ve been led to believe she is a good character, because she’s a main character.

Time is chasing after all of us

Peter Pan

By the time I got to part three of the book I was spinning theories all over the place, and that’s what I loved about the book. We just didn’t know.  Why the Prof disappeared, do pre-memories really come true? Can you change them? If you could save thousands of people by changing one small thing would you? The moral dilemmas, linked to believe, scientific evidence and overall that sense of family.  Im not going to tell you anymore, but I will tell you the characters are great, we learn just enough about the supporting cast for your imagination to do the rest, and it keeps your brain ticking both while your reading and when you put it down.

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