I owe you one – Sophie Kinsella

I remember when I first experienced working with a ‘friend’. I was in an entry office job and a friend of a friend got offered a job in the same team as me. We lived close, and quickly became good friends. She was more girly than me, had a boyfriend that often saved us the 40 minute walk to work in the cold, and we had so little in common that we’re not even facebook friends these days. But, she is a friend I’ll never forget, because she lent me her copy of Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic. I took it home and devoured the book the same evening – I dont think I even stopped for dinner.

Since then I have read most of her books,enjoying the easy reading and relateable characters and this was no exception.

I owe you one is the story of a family run business, focusing on Fixie, she helps her mum run the shop more than anyone else, and seems to enjoy what she does. Her brother is living a millionaire lifestyle, and her sister is aloof and self absorbed.

Like so many of us she just cant move on from her high school crush. (Some of us it doesn’t work out for, others it does). Ryan lives in LA – living a glitzy lifestyle, but all of a sudden hes back. WIll he want her, can they finally be a couple like shes always wanted?

Fixie needs to collect herself so she pops into a coffee shop and ends up doing a stranger a simple favour. Now her owes her and is determined to pay her back – but his girlfriend is slightly less than happy about it. First Seb owes Fixies a favour then she owes him – this is about trading favours with a subtle undertone of flirting and tension.

This story is a beautiful learning experience for Fixie, its a reminder that family is important, but you are just as important, and shows just what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it.

Its about love, and money, healing and taking control.

I owe you one is due out on the 7th Feb – See what Sophie had to say about it here, or preorder now from Amazon here.

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