I ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately – I went and watched a simple favour at the cinema, realized the bits that would have made it better were likely in the book, brought the book and was disappointed.   I think I preferred the film!

I have DNF’d the book that came with this months bookbox club already “the light between worlds” which is a time/world/realm travelling story, wrapped in myth and legend. It does sound good but I just couldnt get into it.

I read another book, whos name escapes me about a damsel who is rescued by the prince, only to be made his bride. It was readable but the ending with the reveals felt a little bizarre. As I recounted the book to my partner he gave me one of those looks that suggested I was crazy and had made the whole thing up!

And yesterday I finished the book thats got me back into the normal book world.  The Cactus by Sarah Haywood. Its a comical book about life in your 40’s, when you have a strong personality.  It was brilliant because you know there are people like Susan out there, and its great to see how relationships can change a person.  I really did enjoy this book – no magic, no prince ( technically), no murder just life.  Susan is a feminist through and through, sometimes a little bullish, sometimes completely blunt but she can do anything – realistically. This books one that not been out long, and I wouldnt say it was laugh out loud, but it gives you that happy feeling of amusement when you read it.

In my slump I haven’t failed to buy books, just so you know. this means my TBR piles is getting dangerously big.  I have Girls of Paper and Fire from this months fairyloot – I havent read the blurb, Im just going to read it, and following that my book club have chosen the haunting of hill house. So keep your eyes peeled for my next update.

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