Veronica Roth – Carve the Mark 2 – The Fates Divide

I was overjoyed recently when I discovered my local library.  Quite by accident, due to a few road closures.  Living in a village may have perks but for the past year I’ve thought my closest library was 8 miles away, in the opposite direction to anywhere I go. But last week I walked past a building less than 4 miles from my house that felt like it was calling to me, and inside was a lovely little book haven.  I instantly signed myself up and started browsing. I came away with two books ( more on those in another post) and a new app.  Borrow Box.  This app is amazing, not only can I digitally rent audiobooks but also ebooks and even sign up for ones that are already out on loan.

I know this isnt new, and there are apps around for this,  but finding a local library and a service that are linked has been a little bit harder in the past and I ve given up.

So that brings me to The Fates Divide. This was available on the ebook section of the app for download. Having had the book on my list for a while  ( pretty much sinceIi finished book one, although re reading my review I think i remembered it more fondly than I found it at the time) I immediately downloaded it, and realized I had absolutely no time to sit down and enjoy it.

One thing I will say is Im glad I refreshed on book one,  because we dive straight back in. This is definitely a book that needs attention. There are multiple places, characters, creeds and languages. All of them with names that are like reading a foreign language; you have to digest what you’re reading. I love and hate that about it. The times I could get a sold reading hour in I was engrossed, and annoyed I had to put it down, but when I had time for a chapter or two i really found it difficult.  ( i had a similar piece of advice for reading the first book)

This books picks up from where Carve the mark left off, on the brink of war, power struggles, and two female leaders who are fighting for what they feel is right wanting peace to be the best solution.  The male characters in the book really should listen to and learn from them!

Akos and Cyra are still star crossed lovers with the power to change the world, but as they start to learn more it appears the fate they thought they knew isnt their own destiny.

We learn about sacrifice, power and honour.

My suggestion would be if you haven’t read the first book you need to before picking this one up, and make sure you have time to read them, with minimal interruptions.

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