The other side of lost – Jessi Kirby

Courtesy of BookBox Club this month was The other side of lost by Jessi Kirby.  A 300 odd page book that reminded me constantly that Wild is still on my TBR list.

Mari has the perfect life, an Instagram queen with a perfect body.  We all know that what you see on social media is managed for marketing, and how addictive some people find ‘likes’ on their posts.  Mari is the perfect example of this, multiple photos to find the perfect one to photoshop before its uploaded.

Mari used to have a BFF, Bri, her cousin her birthday twin and someone s35820001he lost when she discovered social media. Bri is outdoorsy and adventurous. Was. Was outdoorsy and Adventurous. Now shes gone and Mari decides to hike the trail they decided they would do as kids.  Bri had planned the hike of the John Muir Trail, so Mari takes her place.

As I mentioned above, I ve not read wild, or seen the film, (Ii have seen the Gilmore Girls episodes where Lorali decides to have her own wild excursion)  so I cant compare,  but this kind of felt like it sits as the YA fiction version of the book.  That aside, it was beautiful. It was sentimental, emotional and motivating.  I absolutely loved this book, I started it yesterday morning on the train and finished it last night.  The only criticism i really have is the first 90% is detailed and about how hard life can be, the last 10% seems easy, too easy and almost like the author felt so much relief at it being the final day of the hike, and the beauty of the finale that they didnt want to spoil it with words. jmt-maptrail

Kirby really made me want to go out and adventure,  to see world just like Bri did… and be awed by natural beauty just like Mari.

This book is a must for anyone with an adventurous spirit, or for those who like to live vicariously through others.


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