Nine Perfect Strangers – Liane Moriarty

Frances feels like she wants to be the main character of the book, but really its Masha. Crazy, risk taking Masha.

As the owner of a health retreat Masha brings together nine people for the latest 10 day cleanse, except this one is full of radical new ideas and treatment plans.

because theres so many characters it feels like it takes a while to get in and learn about them, why they are really there and what makes them tick – especially because it feels like a large part of the  retreat takes place in a mandated silence. Its amazing how much can be said when no words are spoken!

All of the visitors have secrets , self doubt and confidence issues.  They are they to lose weight, find themselves and validate the enormous amount of money they spent of the 10 day trip.

I enjoyed the book the more I read it,  some of it is a little obvious ( Just like Frances books) but its makes an interesting observational insight into people, and plays on how society impacts us all today.

I got the book as an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. So honestly, this is a book I probably wont remember. I much preferred truly madly guilty, and the husbands secret.  Its okay, but nowhere near as good as some of Moriartys other read.  The characters are less likeable, and whilst some had an emotional back story I really wasn’t moved by them.

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