Clean – Juno Dawson

I had another of the oops moments in Tescos with the 2 for £7 books a month or so ago, and Clean by Juno Dawson just happened to become part of that weeks grocery shop.

The Book is taglined with the phrase “its a dirty business getting clean” and it really does sum up how hard an addiction can be. hsb-gossip-girl-fan-fic.w529.h352

If you asked me to describe this book I would ask if you’d ever watched gossip girl, hoping that you’d say yes, I’d say the book is how I imagine Serena van der Woodsen would be in rehab – but darker.  Although As the book is about a socialite whos family made their money in hotels I did picture more of adownload Paris Hilton as I read.

This is the story of Lexi.  her life is about going to parties, and events, fundraisers and spending time with her boyfriend.  Then one day she is ‘kidnapped’ and taken to an exclusive rehab facility.  She doesnt think she has a problem. Its recreational use, but as she is weaned off the drugs she starts to realise just how much she has been using.

The arrival of other patients also helps her understand how she must have looked to the outside world, and her family.

Slowly she gets to know the other patients, she opens up and becomes a better version of herslef. Somedays its hard. She misses her boyfriend, she misses her life but theres someone else in the facility who she rather likes.

The story is interesting because it follows the various stages of detox and rehabilitation. It flicks between memories and current, trying to find out when Lexis life spiraled, what caused it and if she can ever be clean.


This book reads both as a warning and an insight into the world of an addict. Its refreshing to see that different addictions are highlighted too – Anorexia, and overeating are both included and I would love to see some accompanying novellas that cover the journey of the people Lexi met in rehab.  We all have our vices – coffee, alcohol, sugar, social media and attention are more common than most people realise, even steps on fitbit ( anyone else ever gone for a lat night walk to get those extra steps in? I dont like to lose my reading time, so one more than one occasion I have had my kindle on the treadmill!). This book feels refreshing and shows that there is always hope.




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