Jinxed – Amy McCulloch

As I wandered around YALC last month this book caught my eye. But I had a feeling that it was the book in the August edition of Book Box Club so I crossed my fingers and prayed to the book  fairies that it would be so. Jinxed 1

Oh how releaved I was when the box arrived and it was inside. ( the box also came with a wonderful themed mug and necklace).

Im going to be honest right now. I want a Baku. I was only part way through when I told my fiance this, who then looked at me like Im crazy! A baku is basically a smartphone replacement, with a little tamagotchi twist.  They are creatures that are your own personal assistant, that you communicate with and they provide you information, including scheduling, books and texts/emails. No one uses a phone anymore.

In a world

set in the future, based in North America, Lacey Chu lives in Monchaville. The company to work for is MONCHA and they have built their own cities for people to live in.  Lacey dreams of getting into the the exclusive school, Profectus because it pretty much guarantees her a job at MONCHA and hopefully as a companioneer.

This book is brilliant for more than one reason. Not only is it a young girl dealing with growing up, bullying and being a little different, its a story of girls in engineering which is so uncommon. Lacey has skills that surprise everyone, and when she finds a broken baku, she takes it home to fix – showcasing her skills and changing her world.

Jinx the cat becomes her baku but he doesnt operate like a normal baku. Can Lacey work out why, and can she fix him ( should she?). As Lacey makes new friends and her world changes its wonderful to watch her change as a person and grow, learning more about the technology and what she can do.

This book is addictive for all the right reasons and motivational. As much as Lacey is the main character Jinx is the star of the show. The book is addictive, buy it now then find a sunny spot to sit and get lost in the world of Monchaville.



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