The Confession – Jo Spain

The book starts at the end of the story. A vision of a happy couple who are attacked in their own home, which is seemingly random. What’s more unusual is the assailant hands himself in straight away at the local police station.

We then start to go through the build up to that day. It’s a story set in Ireland, linking to the financial boom, inevitable crash, dodgy bankers and teenage lust. It could almost be a version of fifty shades gone horrribly wrong.

A wife who starts out innocent, but turns to drink, the older man; rich and obsessive. (Unfortunately the obsession is his money and other women)

The family who move back to Ireland, also torn apart by alcohol, and then a seemingly unconnected accident.

As we go through the story we are reminded life with money may look easier but it often isn’t, it was tough to make it in Ireland back then, and more importantly the truth can save you.

This book covers a variety of topics including rape, adultery, drugs, mental health and depression, alcoholism, and greed (disguised as the banking scandal). For me there’s a big helping of self confidence and self worth issues being tackled. The overweight police officer who feels unattractive, the wife who questions her ability to provide, or be enough, the friends whose perceptions are altered by knowledge of money. The brother who will do anything to protect his sister. And the ‘Banker’ who always needs to do more and prove he can best anyone.

I like that we learn a little about DS Moody’s history, as a small but important character it adds value, I wish we had learned more about Harry, the husband – To know if the truths he told his wife, Julie were accurate.

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