The Ash Princess – Laura Sebastian

This books been out for a while and I was surprised that it didn’t come in any of my book boxes.  First in a trilogy, Royal Ruin. Perfect for a fairyloot theme. But its okay – It was on Special at YALC last week so i picked up the paperback there. 

When Theo was little her mother was murdered and she was taken hostage and has been held as a public prisoner ever since.  Theos mother was the Fire Queen, and the murderous invasion has spelled disaster for her country.  Theo has been forced to change her name and face beatings when something bad happens, and is subject to the humiliating title of Ash Princess.


She is followed by shadows, sent to watch her, and is no longer the next heir of her country. Theo is forced to use the only thing she has left, and seduces the Prince.

This is a story of hope, love and revenge, with a little royalty, magic and pirates thrown in.

Ash princess is the first in a trilogy that is obviously going to be a massive hit.

Ash Princess has seen her land pillaged and her people enslaved. That all ends here. 

We learn a lot about Theo, but the other characters are a little undeveloped, making them unpredictable and hopefully valuable to the next two books. It shows us that we really cant trust anyone, and sometimes you just have to jump. My problem right now is I want to talk about all the characters and what I liked about them but I really cant without spoiling the story, and I wouldnt forgive myself.  I guess all I can say if you enjoy a good underdog female heroine, with a conscience and claim to the throne, whos obvious been done wrong but will rise above anyway THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU. Go buy it.

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