The Travel post – multi book review

I wont rub it in that I’ve spent the past two weeks making notes to add to this page, whilst sunning myself on some beautiful Italian beaches.  Unfortunately I lost the notes somewhere on the way home – I suspect whilst the car was being recovered so rather than 4 complete reviews on the books I read Im going to give you a brief overview.


First up – Tempests and Slaughter, by Tamora Pierce. 

This is the first of Tamora Pierces book I have read, but I’m now aware she has quite a following, and I can understand why. this book took me a while to get into, and there was one or two time that I felt a little wrong reading it, then wonder at the target audience.  ( theres talk of how parts of him get excited and the learning/understanding of his body)The story folllows Arram, a powerful mage who is way ahead of himself at school, he becomes friend with the leftover prince, and a girl who is outgoing and vibrant.  Its got a Harry Potter-esq feel to it, but with more substance and depth. The friend ships he makes are clearly going to come into play in later books, but this nicely sets up a whole new fantasy world I want to read more of.

The Similars – Rebecca Hanover 

This was a book from netgalley thats not due out until January 2019. It takes us to an elite high school with kids who have money, and social standing families. Last year Emmas BFF died, and this year theres a group of kids joining called the Similars. They are DNA clones of her classmates. Emma, although interested wants nothing to do with them, but cant help get drawn towards them, especially the boy who is a clone of her dead BFF.  This book is interesting because on the surface its got the high school drama feel, but really its about the psychology of us as humans, how accepting we can be, and how compassionate – or not. You will always experience the rich trying to buy their own way, and the poorer ending up better of for honesty and this book really draws out fear and prejudice. This is a fantasy book, because of the science used to create the story, but its completely realistic, believable and could be happening now which makes it almost a little scary.  Definitely get this on your TBR list.


The Boneless Mercies – April Tucholke 

This book was the bonus ARC in my BookBox Club box this month. The build up had me expecting amazing things, especially because the girls really hyped it up ahead of the subscription.  Its not due out until October but when you get an early read its hard not to take advantage. The book started out a little slow for me, I put it down several times, to watch the dogs run around, to have a siesta, or just to stop. However, i dont like to be defeated and I kept reading.  This is the story of young women who put people out of their misery as a vocation. Then they decide they want out of the game and instead go after a monster thats terrorizing people. by the time i got to chapter ten I was hooked, im just sorry it took me so long to get there. If fantasy books are for you give it a try, but do stick with it – it’ll be worth it in the end. I promise.

All of this is True – Lygia Day Peñaflor

This was the main book from BookBox Club. And its one that i would have picked off the shelf if it hadnt been part of the box. Id heard a little hype around the book on social media. I liked that we heard the four versions of the story in different ways, and that character stuck to their own medium to keep it simple. The story is about an author, Fatima Ro. The girls love her book and fan girl her when they initially meet her at a signing. Soon they become friends and hang out all the time. They worship her. As does Jonah.  But for all Fatimas niceties, and fashion tips ( yes i was intrigued with all that talk of how to put your hair in the perfect bun) shes a shady person according to some accounts. Only in it to get her next story, which she does from Jonah.   Dont worry you know most of this information instantly, Im not spoiling it for you, I promise.  This book was a nice change from the fantasy tales I ve been reading, as for fans of mixed formats when reading, or the Bridget Jones style books this is for you.IMG_20180629_172812_984

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