Shame on you – Amy Heydenrych

In today’s world of internet celebrity, created by posting the right thing at the right time, and having the face/body that fits this book ticked all the boxes when highlighting the current issues with social media today.

The main character is a health/lifestyle food blogger, who is easy to imagine as any of the current ‘celebrity’ Instagram experts,  Throughout the book I was picturing someone similar to Clean Living Alice, with her own brand, sponsorship and cookbooks.

Holly is the Blogger we follow through this book.  Shes blonde, skinny, works out and share her healthy recipes with you on Instagram.  However Holly wasnt always the shining star she is now, as a child she felt unloved and unwanted. She was friendless and unhappy with herself.

After meeting a handsome doctor in the coffee shop, Holly embarks on a magical first date which ends with her in hospital.   We then follow the rollercoaster to her recovery while flushing out some secrets of her own.

Unlike a lot of Female led books the main character isnt obviously strong, shes flawed and just wants people to like her, and with social interaction a challenge for her the recognition on Instagram is her focus in life.

As I finished the book and made dinner I couldn’t not take the opportunity to take a photo as its completely on topic. So heres my photo of my homemade garlic and rosemary chicken noodle soup. Apologies I didnt spend hours making sure the lighting was right, catch the steam, or have the perfect backdrop.


Shame on you is out on 28 July 2018. 

**Spoiler Alert**

At the beginning of the book we are also introduced to Tyler, the handsome Doctor – learning that he blames Holly for the loss of someone. My brain was in overdrive trying to work out the link.  I was convinced that Tylers missing girlfriend  was actually Holly ( he does a form of plastic surgery so it was a plausable thought) for at least one chapter.

The book takes us on Hollys journey to recovery, highlighting bad parenting, self doubt and criticism, social shaming and reminds us that you can own it and continue with you life. Whats posted isnt always real. The persona we see may not be the truth, its just the perception people want you to have, whether its intentional or not.

Thanks to Netgalley and Bonnier Zaffre for the Advance copy of this book.

Shame on you

Official Description


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