The Company of Eight – Harriet Whitehorn

Like many of us, Cass has always wanted to run away and join the circus.


Its easier for her than most, with an acrobat for a father, but the circus only visit once a year – when she misses her opportunity Cass ends up in an adventure that creates a lifetime of memories, and shows her she has other skills.

The book is a categorized as a middle grade childrens book which i believe is in the 8-12 age range, so the simplicity of the writing style and  the story is perfect. Its action packed and full of detail helping you to create this world in your imagination.

The Company of Eight of is out on 3 May.


Official Description:

When Ravellous’s Circus Ship comes to Minaris, Cass is determined to audition despite her guardian Mrs Potts’s disapproval. But when her chance is snatched away from her, Cass refuses to give up. She sets out to follow the Circus Ship and the journey leads her into dangers that challenge even her adventurous spirit. Will she succeed in following her dream, or is her destiny something altogether different?

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