Midnight Sins, (de Vincent #1) – Jennifer L Armentrout

Its been a while since I ve read a book by Jennifer L Armentrout.  A few years back I was in a reading slump, nothing was interesting enough to pick up, and then I found the Lux series. Soon after I started on Covenant, and then Titan ( the latter I am still two books behind). I was engrossed,  easy reading, flowing storylines and likeable characters.  The female as a strong character is common in her stories, but not in a cheesy or unbelievable way.  When I had the opportunity to review Midnight Sins I jumped at the chance.  It’s the first of the ‘de Vincent’ series, which was published in January this year and pulls you straight into Julia’s world.

As a nurse, divorcee and generally cautious person Julia with the courage of half a bottle of wine  applies for a Job in the Bayou, 1000 miles from home.   Before she leaves her friends she has one last night out,  set up by her frien


d she ends up talking to a man she clearly feels is out of her league,  ‘Tyler’.

The du Vincents discover their father has hung himself, the wealthy family known as the ‘ southern royals’  have to control the situation and publicity. There’s no suicide note, so was it really suicide?  The younger generation of du Vincents have a reputation, and the house is rumoured to be haunted. There’s a reason why no one likes to stay.

When Julia discovers her assignment is looking after the ‘missing’ du Vincent sister she is shocked.  The good looking brothers are all different, and in the early part of the book you have to wonder if its going to become a love triangle, or a love square.  Almost instantly Julia hurts herself, shes getting weird feelings, and seeing things. Shes hearing footsteps too, in a room where no one should be walking.  The mystery behind the Madeline’s disappearance, and reappearance flickers in the background making you wonder if its connected. Is Madeline trying to tell Julia something? Is it even safe for Julia to stay in the house? When Lucian tells Julia “the Land is cursed and therefore the family is”  do we believe its a ghoulish tale or is it something she should take more seriously.

Overall the story is a simple average girl who underestimates herself falls for Greek Adonis, but when you look beyond that it’s a story about loyalty, to family and to oneself.  Midnight Sins is available now, and there’s a more than a handful of other books available by Ms Armentrout to sink your teeth into once you ve cooled down from this one. And if anyone knows where there’s a spare de Vincent brother laying around I’ll take one”

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