The Husbands Secret – Liane Moriarty

I’m sure I ‘ve been reading the books in the wrong order. Not because they’re a series, or have any link, but because I think I prefer the Big Little Lies book  to Truly, Madly, Guilty, and both of these to The Husbands Secret.  I like the book, enough that I’m sure I would have picked up the other two if I had read them; I just think the storylines are better in the last two, and I liked the characters more.  I honestly don’t think I overly liked any of the people in the book that much.  

We have Cecilia who has lost her faith, and is worried about her marriage,  As a known Tupperware party planner/seller she clearly has an OCD which presents itself every now and then, but doesn’t seem to impact her marriage or the storyline more than in observational form.  Her Husband, John-Paul was someone all the girls wanted back in the day, now married and playing happy families with Cecilia he spends a lot of time away.

One day when going through the loft Cecilia finds a letter addressed to her, to  be opened upon Joh-Pauls death. Should she open it or not? He doesn’t want her to, but curiosity can be powerful , and knowledge dangerous.

Rachel, the school secretary and grandmother is losing her son and grandson to New York City, as they follow her Daughter in Law to a new job, with her husband gone, and a daughter who was lost many years ago what does this mean for Rachel?  What will she do now?  Will anyone ever believe her when she says Connor was to blame for her daughter’s death?

Tess along with her husband runs a business with her cousin Felicity, who has been her best friend for life. A previously obese Felicity has changed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, with life changing consequences. When Tess’s mother breaks her ankle Tess, with her son return to Sydney to care for her, and get some space from her life in Melbourne.  This is where she meets Rachel, and reunites with her ex boyfriend – a gym teacher at the local school.

We have a variety of stories taking place that are interwoven, and at times a little complex – just like life can be.  Similar to Moriarty’s other books this story uses the six degrees of separation logic to bring the characters together, making them form bonds and relationships.  We have a timeline that spans just a week in the present over the course of the book (although we do look at the past, but I’m not counting that as a part of the timeline just supplemental information) and the beauty of this for me is that I have been reading a day, each day this week. I downloadstarted with the book on Monday, then when I got to the Tuesday section I made myself put the book down and wait until the next day, the same with Wednesday, and This morning I read all of Thursdays.

You ‘ll likely realise at this point I’m writing my review without completing the book.  There’s two reasons for this;  One.  I need to do something to stop me reading in my lunch break or I’ll get ahead of myself, and  Two,  to be so beautifully fitting tomorrows section is not juts titled Friday, but as Good Friday.  It feels like there’s a reason I chose to pick up a slightly older book, not a ‘hot off the press’ best seller.

Despite my observation that I prefer other books by Moriarty I do like this story and really cant wait to read how it ends, and in hindsight I wish i had realised it was in day by day sections so I could have reviewed this book daily with updates!!

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