The Wicked Deep – Shea Ernshaw

This month I treated myself to a new subscription from Book Box club. I had seen a 50% off voucher and thought why not. The outcome is their Book Of The Month, The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw. A story about myths, legends and love.

If I am to be completely honest, I would probably have picked up the book, read the description and put it back on the shelf, it didn’t excite me.  It’s a 308 page Young Adult book, that I feel sits squarely in the younger end of the range, and was a little too simple & obvious for my taste. (I have mentioned before though that I am definitely not the target audience for the YA genre, I just enjoy a lot of the books, which if the internet is to be believed is now common for us 30-somethings, but this is a likely factor in my thoughts here)

The story is based around a small town called Sparrow.  This town for several weeks a year has an influx of tourists for Swan Season, named after three sisters who were identified as witches 200 years ago, and drowned by the townsfolk.  The legend has it that every year they return, inhabiting the bodies of local girls and coaxing men (and boys) to a watery grave in a siren like manner.

Our stories main character, Penny doesn’t live in town b51XvY-wN4QL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_ut on the adjoining island, along with her BFF Rose she goes to the annual bonfire where she meets Bo, who seemingly is in Sparrow by chance.  Will they survive Swan Season? or will the sisters continue to wreak havoc?

For me this book would be classed as an easy read, you flick between now and then – and if you pay attention there are multiple clues to help you figure it out.  I much prefer a story where I can’t work it out otherwise its like I’m spoiling my own surprise!  The characters aren’t fully explored and theres not a lot of depth in it.

So, heres my dilemma, if you were to ask did I like it? Enjoy it?  I think my answer would be ‘Meh’.  I wouldn’t suggest go out and get it, but if you want an easy ready and you come across it then it’ll help you pass a few hours without making your brain have a workout.

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