Cristanta Knight: Inherent Fate – Geanna Culbertson

In the third installment of the Cristanta Knight series we are reminded in the prologue what a protagonist is, and the troubles our heroine had gotten herself into previously. I would completely recommend reading books one and two before starting the third, to have an understanding of the characters, their motives and famous fairytale siblings.

We jump straight back in where we left off with Crisa trapped in a Genie bottle with Daniel; trying to find a way out.  This leads them straight back to Crisa’s fairy godmother, Debbie,  followed by the evil  godmother supreme.  Once this hurdle is navigated the twosome land in the desert, to find the rest of the crew ( SJ, Blue & Jason). After negotiating Aladdins cave they finally reunite with the rest of the gang and after a few more scrapes end up back at school – with a pet dragon.

I enjoy the series because its a light hearted  spin on the fairytale world, with nods to the current ( mark two mirror is their version of a mobile phone) however this book felt more drawn out than the previous two – so much happens in the first half, with just Crisa and Daniel as the main characters, but when they rejoin SJ, Blue and Jason the story seems to take a long time for not alot to happen, I would have preferred it shorted and more to the point. 


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