The Betrayals by Fiona Neill

In today’s world the story of affairs, divorce and betrayal is common. This book tackles it brilliantly – with how the kids take sides, the pressure it puts on family members and the inadequacies people can feel as a parent. the added complication of mental illness and the blame children put on themselves makes for brilliant reading.

Your memory can play tricks on you and when everything changed that one summer the actions of everyone are skewed, A week of puppy love, rejection, adultery and alcoholism.shaped the future of everyone. The story picks up years later when Lisa contacts her ex best friend Rosie causing a downward spiral for Daisy’s mental health, questions around Max’s choice of roommate and girlfriend and asking questions that people didn’t know existed.The Betrayals

There were parts of this book that felt familiar, and made me question if Id read the story before, I ve put this down to how the story flows and the way you are drawn in with the lives of the characters, and the Norfolk setting – maybe its just my memory making the association!

I received this book from Penguin UK – Michael Joseph in exchange for an honest review but the books available to buy now.

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