The Girl with all the Gifts – M R Carey

Do you ever wander around a bookshop just because you can? I enjoy a Sunday morning stroll around Waterstones,  it’s just so wonderfully laid out.. And I enjoy the staff notes dotted around.

Anyway, one Sunday morning I was looking for my next read when I had this book thrust upon me by a stranger telling me I simply had to read it, so I brought the book ( the actual book not an Ebook!).

I’m not a fan of anything ‘zombie’ish! Which is how the film portrays the story ( by the way, I love the film) of Melanie, and her teacher, Miss Justineau.   The story is actually very simplistic and that’s one of the things that makes it great, you can get lost in the characters,  how they feel; the despair, the fear and the hope.  Melanie is smart and inquisitive and doesn’t really understand why

The story isn’t what kept my interest, it was the characters. It’s a must read for anyone looking for their next book!

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