The Queens of Innis Lear – Tessa Gratton

Despite the title it took me a while to realise this was a beautiful retelling of King Lear.  I was swept away by the idea of working with nature, talking to it and asking for help in the things we do.  

Theres alot of characters at the start of the book that the narrative switches between, and it took me a minute to sort the family tree, and surrounding connections out – but from the sampler I already feel like I know them well. 

The King who believes in the stars, and refutes earth magic.

The Eldest daughter, Gaela, is a warrior, soldier and believes she should be the next King. 

The middle child, Regan,  Girly and wanting a family, who sides with her older sister, somthing tells me she is not as unassuming as we currently see her. 

Elia, the youngest, who has shunned magic and works with the stars like her father, clearly his favorite daughter. 

Ban, the Fox, who is Elias child hood friend, and magic wielder.

All of these characters along with others make up the cast list for what looks to be an enthralling story of the fight for both the Crown and a Kings Love. What will happen once the kingdom is divided? Will the Banished Elia make it back? 

The books out on the 27March so get it preordered now!!

Theres a couple of different covers floating around for this one too. I like the one with crown.  Which do you prefer? 

Thanks to  Netgalley and Macmillian-Tor for the ARC sampler of this book. 

Official Description:


Tessa Gratton’s debut epic adult fantasy, The Queens of Innis Lear, brings to life a world that hums with ancient magic, and characters as ruthless as the tides.

The erratic decisions of a prophecy-obsessed king have drained Innis Lear of its wild magic, leaving behind a trail of barren crops and despondent subjects. Enemy nations circle the once-bountiful isle, sensing its growing vulnerability, hungry to control the ideal port for all trade routes.

The king’s three daughters – battle-hungry Gaela, master manipulator Reagan, and restrained, starblessed Elia – know the realm’s only chance of resurrection is to crown a new sovereign, proving a strong hand can resurrect magic and defend itself. But their father will not choose an heir until the longest night of the year, when prophecies align and a poison ritual can be enacted.

Refusing to leave their future in the hands of blind faith, the daughters of Innis Lear prepare for war – but regardless o

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