Wrong Place Wrong Time – Gillian McAllister

Can you stop a murder after it’s already happened?

Everytime I read one of Gillian McAllisters books I remember why she’s one of my Favourite modern authors. They just get better and better. Id really struggle to tell you which book was my favourite but if pushed Id probably choose Everything but the truth becasue its the one that started it all.

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of Wrong Place Wrong Time thanks to the lovely people at Penguin publishing, so advance that the cover hadnt even been released, Christmas really did come early for me in 2021.

This book is just genius.

The plot follows a mother who has just watched her son commit murder. She wants to help him, to save him but just doesnt know how. The action seems completely out of character for him that Jen just must find out more.

When Jen goes to bed she wakes up the day before. This keeps happening and as she goes back in time she finds out more and more information. Concurrently a story about a police officer begins, his first days on the force and what the job throws at him. Its hard to see the connection initially, then after some twists it all becomes clear.

This story is clever because unlike so many as the reader you are not hopping between the past and present but working backwards in time, with the main character experiencing the same as a time traveller of sorts. Whilst the main plot is gripping its intreguing to see how this will be concluded, I had various explanations for both Jens time travel and what she wanted/needed to get out of it to stop. As with all of Gillians books I was wrong – and thats why shes a great author.

Having seen some peoples reviews the time travel seems to be a bone of contention for some, I think this is because its a little unusual and different; in a library full of thrillers this one breaks the mould and shines brightly in my opinion. Thats what makes it great. Im not a fan of time travel in books, but to me this didnt feel like that – just a story of exploration.

Wrong Place Wrong Time is currently due for publication on 12th May – its clearly set to be one of the hottest thrillers of 2022 so get your pre orders in now!

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