Addis Ababa Noir edited by Maaza Mengiste

Just as I was starting to think about what book to take on the train tomorrow Postie knocked on the door with some bookpost for me. For me the cover just grabs you straight away, and it feels like its already helping you to build that image of Ethiopia.

If im honest my knowledge of the area is minimal – Anything I could tell you has probably come from a news article. If asked Addis Ababa would have been the only place in Ethiopia I could name, but I wouldnt be able to tell you anything about it.

This is what is most appealing about these books, that we can learn about different places, be transported and not in a fiction world where is either a little shinier, or grimmer, not as a tourist who only sees what they want to but almost as if we are following someones talk about the life they have had, painting vivid pictures for us to really understand.

The book is a collection of short stories (14 to be exact) witten by writers form Ethiopia. They pull you into the daily grind and dangerous reality thats around them and teach us about a different way of life.

Obviously I couldnt wait until tomorrow to start the book so I dived straight in, juts the introduction and the first story tell you have ‘real’ this book is. Things arent edited out so the reader can sleep better at night. Its the real world that they are living in even though at times you may want it to be fiction!

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