Another life – Jodie Chapman

I guess I should start by saying this isnt my usual type of book but it appealed enoughbfor me to ask the publisher for a review copy. The book has great goodreads reviews and is hailed as a great love story. It just isn’t for me. 28 per cent of the way through the book the author attempted what felt like sarcastic humour. It was also the moment we find out what happened to the boys mum and the most interesting thing to happen. But it all felt like a non event. Having read the first part of the book I just didnt feel engaged with Nick as a character, he was jumping about all over the place with his backstory, and it had me wishing the book was about his mates trip to ibiza rather than his life.

There are some sobering moments in the book. Suicide, accidental shootings and religious drama but I had to go back to read the blurb to understand what the point of the story was.  I can only liken it to when you listen to a drunk stranger rambling about their life – and even with the pubs shut that’s one experience I haven’t missed.
If my review hasn’t put you off, the official promo is below, but I’ve checked our early. Too slow for me.

Nick and Anna work the same summer job at their local cinema. Anna is mysterious, beautiful, and from a very different world to Nick.

She’s grown up preparing for the end of days, in a tightly-controlled existence where Christmas, getting drunk and sex before marriage are all off-limits.

So when Nick comes into her life, Anna falls passionately in love. Their shared world burns with poetry and music, cigarettes and conversation – hints of the people they hope to become.

But Anna, on the cusp of adulthood, is afraid to give up everything she’s ever believed in, and everyone she’s ever loved. She walks away, and Nick doesn’t stop her.

Years later, a tragedy draws Anna back into Nick’s life.

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