That Night – Gillian McAllister

Really I am an only child but due to the new world of blended families I’m also a middle child, Growing up I felt like an only child but then I also had time where I felt like the big sister who want included in everthing thanks to the way our extended family works. Why am I telling you this? The Plants.

In Gillian McAllisters new book That Night the story revolves aroung the Plant Family. Mainly the three siblings who are a tight knit group, work together, live next to each other and holiday together. The dynamics about secrets, feeling like you ve missed something or just like the odd one out is easy to relate to, as is being the one that needs to have the answers.

The Plants run a vets practice, the family business which is pretty sucessful. They own a villa in Italy which is where much of the story takes place. And lets be clear unlike most stories set in italy this is not a romance novel – although there is a ‘meet cute’ moment. This is about what you would do for family, for those that you love to help and protect them.

When the phone rings in the night and your sister is asking for help you go. What would you do if your baby sister had just run a man over? would you help her? What if the man was someone you recognised from having an arguement with in the market earlier that day? coincidence? What if you found he had paperwork with your surname on. Thats where this story begins, and it made me think about who I would help in this situation – what I would do. Funny how the brain works!

This story follows the emotional and moral decisions that follow ‘That Night’. The highs and lows of how people cope and manage, and the other secrets that are being kept.

As always with a Gillian McAllister book this book is way to easy to read. I could read it with background noise not distracting me, managing to miss entire conversations dircted at me (oops!) and only surfaced long enough to get a home delivery slot for the food so I didnt have to go out. Its a book that should be on everyones TBR pile this year, it comes out in June which is perfect for a summer read so go and pre order now!

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