The Vow – Debbie Howells

Two weeks before her wedding, a stranger stops Amy in the street and warns her she’s in danger. Then that night, Matt, her fiancé, doesn’t come home. Desperate, Amy calls the police – but when Matt fails to emerge, she’s forced to call off her wedding day.

Then another man is reported missing, by a woman called Fiona – a man meeting Matt’s description, who was about to leave his fiancée for her.  He was supposed to be moving in with her – but instead, he’s vanished.

Amy refuses to believe Fiona’s lover can be her Matt – but photos prove otherwise, and it soon becomes clear that Matt has been leading a double life. As the police dig deeper, two conflicting, yet equally plausible stories emerge from two women who allegedly have never met.

The wedding day never happened. But the funeral might.

This book had been sitting on my kindle for a while. I dont know why but I always found something else I would prefer to start. However, once I started this I couldnt put it down.

Amys planning her wedding day, its going to be perfect. perfect husband to be, perfect homegrown flowers and perfect dress. But then a strange worman warns Amy that somethings not right and Matt goes missing. Then she finds he’d been in a relationship with another woman.

This story messes with your head a little, questioning who to believe and wodnering what ahs been going on. Is Matt dead? Kidnapped or has he got cold feet? Is Fiona as innocent as she claims? And why does something make me not want to trust Amy? I also didnt trust her best friend.

As the story develops and we learn more about the cast I think theres hints but the twist in the story is perfect

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