A Conspiracy of Bones – Temperance Brennan #19 – Kathy Reichs

Wow this was long overdue.

The 19th instalment of the ‘bones’ books, aka Temperance Brennan was due for release in early 2019.  When I added it to my Amazon preorder list even waiting til then felt like too long for me. Then the date disappeared, and finally the book was released earlier this year.

Brennan splits her time between two cities with this book being based in Charlotte.  It follows on from the previous novellas that were released, and I think with Reichs books you really do need to be up to date to know whos about and why.81AJloUtIxL

With Larabee gone and Ryan not really about it feel like a lonely book – Birdie appears almost too often and I ve never been a fan of Slidell as a character so this was a little rough for me.

The story starts in Charlotte with Tempe feeling a little left out when the new chief doesn’t want her services. Typically Brennan gets involved anyway but its more about investigating then the forensics skills this time out.  A faceless man turns up who Brennan is convinced has been described wrong, and that ‘Dr Death’ isnt looking in the right places. AS she using up favors with friends and gets herself in all sorts of trouble we slowly piece together the evidence. The story has an obvious villan. Proving tat is a whole new task.

With fights, arson and a little adult content Brennan not only cracks the case , but throws so much information at the reader in small spaces it can be hard to keep track.

I do enjoy a Reichs book, but on this occasion I struggled. The book was topical, informative and as usual inspired by real events. It showed how changes can affect so many parts of your life and that sometimes you need a little patience.  There’s also a lovely little SARs nugget and a machine ‘Corona’ that’s used which couldn’t have been better timing with the current state of affairs but overall, its not my favourite bones book but I did still enjoy the book, get frustrated when I was interrupted trying to follow the story and get to the end wanting more.

Hopefully this signifies a bit of a change in direction for Brennan. With a job opening in Charlotte, her Significant Other settling into his new job, and her medical troubles it would be nice to mix it up a little.




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