Shadow of the Fox – Julie Kagwa

A book for fans of Sarah J Maas and Cassandra Clare? Yes please. That’s what made me request this book as an Advance copy from Netgalley. Id heard of Julie Kagwa but I’ve not read any of her books – I m aware that she’s got a popular following for her Talon series, however I wasn’t aware she had more than a couple of books under her belt – several series to be accurate.

This is the story of a young girl, Yumeko, who was left to the monks along with a note telling them that she would be able to help stop the rising of the Dragon.  She is a Semi Kitsune ( part fox) which gives her magical abilities such as trickery and misdirection through glamour’s and illusions.

When the monks temple is attacked Yumeko flees and runs straight into a demon hunter.  They end up as friends as he helps her travel to the next temple, both with their own agendas.  Along the way they meet others who Yumeko charms, outwits and fights as they slowly become a misfit band of warriors. 

The story itself dived straight in with Suki, a new maid to Lady Satomi – the concubine to the king, A woman whose maids continually disappear. Suki is no exception, and by the end of the first chapter I was hooked on this story.  As we learn of the characters histories, with Tatsumi being the closest to her with nothing to lose but the most at stake it paints quite a picture – and leaves you wanting to know whos loyalties lie where, and who can be trusted. Lady Satomi is clearly evil, but will she best Yumeko or any of her allies? Will the Dragon be called forwards?  The book is out now so go find out!

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