The Evidence Against you

This is the fourth book from Gillian McAllister due out on 18th April 2019. (previous books include No Further Questions, Anything you do say, Everything but the truth). I was lucky enough to receive this as an early xmas present from the wonderful people at Michael Joseph – unfortunately I was so ill I couldn’t lift my Kindle, but true to form when I was back to work on the 2nd January all my germs seems to have disappeared. Its always the way.

I am a big fan of Gillians work,  with my favourite book being Anything you do say ( I ve even been petitioning my book club to read it, just for the excuse to read it again!),  so I couldn’t wait to get stuck into this read.

The Evidence Against You

The Story is about a woman, Izzy English, whose mother was murdered years ago, and her father was blamed.  Now her father has been released and is obviously going to come and find her. Izzy didn’t question whether her father was guilty back then – everyone said he did it, there was a long trial – he must be guilty.  But her father still says he’s innocent, that he wants to talk, and tell his truth, the question is can Izzy trust him.  

With her hubby in the dark about her activities Izzy reopens the case to see the evidence for herself. Shes asking questions and trying to work out whose remembering what they want, who is bending the truth to suit their own agenda, and whether she can trust not just her own memory but also her father’s recollection of events.  

Izzy is a bit of a loner, she needs girl company, and to share her fears, worries, aspirations and findings with but because of circumstance she only has family or her partner.  It makes it unusual to not have that external POV in the book, even if its just a listening post, someone to give you little clues or even to keep the story rolling. Because Izzy herself acknowledges her aloneness it probably makes it more obvious, but also quite realistic for the situation she’s in.

I ran through the evidence in my head as I read this, the things Izzy found, information from Gabe and other family members, Izzys own memories, I just wanted to know who had done it.. Was it the mysterious man from the restaurant, Gabe, David Smith or her uncles? All of these people were on my guilty list. I considered the taxi driver, izzys boyfriend at the time and the fired restaurant worker… If you had asked me to place my bet on who the killer I would have said it was her uncle. I cant explain it, but there was something about him ( Im not going to tell you if I was right, or if I even included the killer in my suspicion list) and I really liked that the ending wasn’t what I expected,

The only other thing I can say about this book is that It felt familiar, as if id read it before, even though the story was completely new to me.  I liked this feeling, it was like hearing a story about someone I knew, went to school with, or an ex college. It was easy.  I think this is part of what makes Gillians books so readable. They make you feel like you’re gossiping about old friends rather than listening to a story about friends of friends that you don’t really care about.

Set your alarms for April 18th, so you can spend the Easter Bank holiday finding out if Izzy can trust her dad or if he is setting her up to be his next victim.

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