The Struggle – Jennifer L Armentrout

Its been a couple of days since I finished my last book, and with my TBR pile growing I just couldn’t pick anything up to read. I don’t know why.  The I suddenly realised, Im two books behind with the Titan series. I really don’t know how I let that happen. Book number three was released last march ( 2017) and number four earlier this year. Poor form I know.  I even had to check goodreads to make sure I hadn’t read it and forgotten, because it was so unlike me when its comes to a JLA book.  After giving myself a quick telling off I headed straight to Amazon and downloaded The Struggle.

The one thing I’m not keen on with this series is the book cover.  The Covenant series had simpdownloadler art, but the images on ‘The Titans’ series isnt appealing. Id actually ignore it in a book shop if I didn’t know the author.  Thank the literary gods ( which Ironically I think would be Apollo as the God of Knowledge??) that the Kindle means I can avoid the cover art pretty much from the word go.

So, some background. This is the sequal series to Covenant, which had five books following the sort of the Hematoi. A race descended from the gods, when mixed with mortals.  These books really drew me into the story, and gave me an wonderful interest in the Greek gods themselves.  This follow up series is The Titans. We’re following the Story of Seth, God Killer and Josie, daughter of Apollo. Along with their self christened Army of Awesome.

You don’t need to read the Covenant books to read this series, but I don’t think theres ever going to be a valid reason not to want to read it.  I would suggest at least reading books one and two before this, no one likes jumping into a story in the middle.

We pick up right from the end of the last book – so if you haven’t read the previous two Titan books –  Warning – this will contain spoilers.   Seth as the all powerful God Killer, is in love with Josie, he would never hurt her, until he accidentally does. He feeds on her aether, unintentionally but now worries he cant control himself and runs.  Josie is hurt, and wants to find him, but in the middle of that an earthquake occurs. Usual for southern California until things start to climb out. Enter Hades and Hercules, to help save the day.  We learn from an unhappy Apollo that when Atlas was killed it threw the balance out. The Titans need to be contained not killed.  Then Hyperion turns up and takes Josie.  Everything changes. Seth finds out he is a God, and can only be hurt by Zeus, Hera and Cronus, the latter being a withered old man.

Somethings not right with Josie, Seth is feeling Vengeful and is hiding things, and the Gods are noticeable absent. Can anyone control the titans?

One of my favourite parts of this book is the comment that Zeus is too busy lying on his sofa watching Happy Days with Hera glaring angrily at him. I love the image this created in my head. If only I could draw.  If anyone’s interested my second favourite part is Alex calling Seth a “Douche Canoe”.

Most of the characters have been developed. We’re not surprised by much that they do, but although it feels like Josie is the main character its Seth who’s the interesting one. He’s learning

happy days
Zeus and Happy days Images from google

about himself, his destiny and his power. Hes learning control and restraint, sometimes;  more importantly he’s growing up and leaving behind the wildchild antics, but staying true to himself.

Something about JLAs writing makes me feel better. For a few days I’ve been feeling a little fed up and demotivated.  But a night in with the Army of Awesome makes everything feel right again.  It amazing how books can do that, and for the people that aren’t readers, I think that maybe they haven’t found their author. The one that gives them a book hug.  These books are that for me. To steal the beautiful book phrase,  they connect with me, Psychi mou.

The benefit from having overlooked the publishing date for this instalment is that I can go home tonight and jump straight into book four.


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