Do Not Disturb – Clare Douglas

This book is a mini rollercoaster.  Do Not Disturb is the new book by Clare Douglas.  (Remember The Sisters, Local Girl Missing, and Last Seen Alive?) It tell us the story of Kirsty and her family, Adrian whos had a break down, her two kids who are more aware than she realises and her mum.  after spotting a run down house in Wales for sale they sell up and move to run their own b&b. A lifelong dream for them .  Theres a whodunnit side to the book but it takes a back seat to the real world life drama thats going on. 

Its a big change for the family, theres alot to renovate and although Kirsty is Welsh the locals arent too keen on her.  Then her first guest is Selena, the cousin she fell out with a long time ago, and then Selenas boyfriend from the past.DND CD

Theres some interesting emotional tugs in the book, and a question around where you moral compass truly lands when you are protecting those you love. 

This book really did make me want to put a do not disturb sign up, just so I could keep reading. Part way through it made me realise how lucky I am for the life I have and gave me some warm fuzzy feelings.  A new experience for me, as Im normally just caught up in the characters.  My parents then turned up and started talking about moving to wales and maybe running a guesthouse for a bit of cash on the side when they retire – Im ready to hand my copy of the book over to them now, as a warning! 

I received the book as an Advance Read Copy courtesy of the wonderful People at Michael Joeseph.

The book is out on 1 August 2018.  But if you cant wait that long some of Clares other books were on the 99p offer on amazon last time I looked… 

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