No Further Questions – Gillian McAllister

This is the third book by Gillian McAllister.  Honestly I cant remember how I found the books, but when the writing makes you feel like your spending time with an old friend its easy to forget that this is only number three! ( it might also be because at one part the book refers to somewhere as “Malory Towers for dogs” which I read two days after a frantic hunt for the perfect kennels for our pups, so I completely related)no further questions image

‘No further questions’ is the tragic story of sisters, Becky and Martha, separated by tragedy that makes everyone question what really happened.  The book is based in the court room, where we are learning what happened to Baby Layla, and who is to blame for her not being here anymore.

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy from Michael Joeseph last week, and it took no time to read – its not out for a while so thats all I can tell you,  for now.

The book is out on 4th October 2018, but its available to pre order now. Go go go!


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