Love will tear us apart – Holly Seddon

For anyone that read my review of five years from now, you ll likely understand why I asked for the ARC for this book.  This is the story of Childhood friends Kate and Paul who make a pact that when theyre 30, if they are still single they’ll get married. 

Kates family comes from money, whereas Pauls are more working class with his mum an ex Romani gypsy.  Neither have any friends, so when they meet each other one day, the friendship is instant.  As Kates family aren’t around alot she becomes part of Paul, staying over, going away with thcover135684-mediumem, and happier in the smaller house than a sprawling manor. 

As they grow up Paul and Kate stay close until they go to university, but when they both end up back at Vivs one evening its like no time has passed.  Eventually Paul moves to London and stays with Kate, working at the same company.  You can see the possessiveness and jealousy in her actions, although she wont admit them, but when she turns 30 Paul keeps his oath and proposes.  The story flickers between the build up to their 10 year anniversary and the past, with a mystery letter thrown in the mix for a little added suspense. 

How many of you had a friend that you made a similar vow with? I have,  the decision was when we were 40 we would so the same,  and until a few years ago our paths continued to cross, these days social media is what keeps us connected. Im happy to report that neither of us will be in a position to even wonder about that agreement, both happy with our own lives, families and choices, and whilst this story is one that makes me incredibly grateful for that I also understand sometimes you need that familiarity and comfort of someone you trust when the world makes you feel that you are not meeting the standards society sets for you.  

I liked the Kate in the beginning of the book,  but I quickly tired of her ‘life drama’ which was self induced most of the time, and really enjoyed the Mick and Viv characters, who were Pauls parents. With Viv being an ex Romani Gypsy you could see the parts of her that just wanted to have the family life, that were ferocious and above all wanted the best for everyone. 

Love will tear us apart is due for release on June 7th.  


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