Take Me In by Sabine Durrant

Take me in is the new book from the author of the popular lie with me, due out on 28 June.

A chance meeting and an over-grateful gesture become something more sinister.
Who is Dave Jepsom? is he the good guy? Both Marcus and Tessa arent squeaky clean. They have skeletons in their closets they dont want to share. Tssa misses work, Marcus is so focused on himself and work their marriage is suffering.

This book is a perfect example of when you try to juggle too many balls when one falls it can shatter everything.35478740

**Spoiler alert**

For me this was missing the POV for Dave Jepsom.  There were hints at reason behind why he did what he did. There was a potential for it not just to be written off as him being ‘phsyco’ but more that he was mentally disturbed, or ill. This week is mental health awareness week, so seemed a fitting time to read a book like this, I just feel a little disappointed that it seemed like the easy way out to make him the bad guy, with little insight into his own life.

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