Song of Blood and Stone – L Penelope

So I need to confess. I ve been on training this week, and I’ve read another book since I finished this. Poor form I know but I feel confident that this is still fresh enough in my mind!

This book is about a young girSong of Blood & Stone_cover imagel, Jas, who has lost her family, and now has a tax bill to pay or she’ll lose her house. Living in the middle of nowhere on her return she meets an unfriendly army with a prisoner, Jack. She soon realised he’s the stranger she helped earlier who was badly hurt.

She ends up hosting them in her small house, and befriending Jack. You can see the good in her character as she puts herself in danger to help in, but also her creativity in protecting both of them.  Jas is an Earthsinger, she can use magic to heal, and shield, which is something people fear.

When Jas finds out Jack isnt who she thought he was everything changes. Can she trust anyone? Is the real him really the real him, which of his personalities is real?Penelope, L._CREDIT Valerie Bey

Will she find someway to pay her taxes and save her home, and does that even matter anymore?

I liked this book because it felt complex, but it wasnt. It had depth to the characters that was being eeked out slowly.  Making you question people, their motives and work out what side really was the side of good, and which ones were evil. The book is the start of the Earthsinger Chronicals which is obviously going to be an enthralling series to get stuck into.

For those of you who like to try before you buy, St Martins Press have kindly let me share chapter two with you below – but to be honest i’d just go out and buy the book as its a hot new release this week!

Song of Blood & Stone_blog excerpt

1 thought on “Song of Blood and Stone – L Penelope

  1. I have seen this one all over and the cover keeps drawing me in. I will most likely have to pick this one up as soon as I can 🙂

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