Gone Viking- Helen Russell

Firstly apologies. This post is coming to you straight from my phone as I ve no idea where the laptop charger is. Really how did we survive without these things?

Helen Russell is also the author of the year of living Danishly, a book I ve heard rave reviews on but not read. Gone Viking appealed to me because it promised comedic writing and hinted at an insight into the culture that seems to be all the rage these days. (Hygge anyone?!)

The book starts out feeling a little autobiographical before it has the fiction edge to it. The lead character Alison is easy to relate to, trying to do the right thing, keeping the peace, juggling work,life and kids. The first part of the book was my favourite. It made me think about my life, and behaviours, (and teeth brushing habits. I’m not sure if this was the reason I picked up new toothbrushes today). The promo for the book promised laugh out loud, which for me it wasn’t. Instead I found an enjoyable story about two sisters who are rediscovering themselves and each other, realising that nobody is perfect. It’s heartwarming and enjoyable.

I do feel a little disappointed that it wasn’t comical to me. Whether it’s me and my understanding and reading I don’t know. I did struggle towards the end as the story slowed but I got to the end.

Gone Viking is out now to buy.

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