Her Name Was Rose – Claire Allan

Im going to be honest, Id seen this book and skipped right past it.

The title didn’t intrigue me, nor the cover.51-zpjlxNLL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_ When I saw it again I read the description, but still it didn’t really get me. I tend to request my ARCs based on books that I would likely pick up and buy, from a book shop, charity shop or on my Kindle. I really didn’t feel like this would be one Id choose.

Her name was Rose. You watched her die. And her death has created a vacancy.

Sometimes in life we’re right, and sometimes we’re wrong.

On this occasion I was really wrong.

I felt bad for prejudging the storyline and I’m grateful that social media hype got the better of me; I really enjoyed this book. It is simple, and if I’m honest a little familiar, ( it reminded me a little of ‘The Last Mrs Parrish.) but it works.

Rose has a seemingly perfect life, when she meets Emily in a lift, next thing we know Rose is dead and Emily is eyeing up her job, husband and friends.  Emily is a little damaged,  her last relationship really affected her and she just cant seem to recover. Cian seems like the answer shes been looking for. Rich, handsome and seemingly interested in her.

Emily tries to manage her anxiety whilst choosing to see the good in some people and the evil in others, to suit her needs.

As a main character Emily is an easy read, you can follow her train of thought, sympathise with her and will her to do better – in real life I think she would struggle for friends just like in the book, and I liked the realistic part that brought.

I really did enjoy this book all the way through, but I think the storyline, and some of the characters actions ( Im trying hard not to spoil it!!) were a little obvious but that didnt affect how much I enjoyed the book.

Her Name Was Rose is due out on 28 June 2018

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