Faking Friends

Faking Friends

Faking Friends by Jane Fallon

Amy has landed the dream job – working on a tv series in New York. After getting some bad news she comes home to find the people around her aren’t who she thought they were – and learns the meaning of true friendship.

You always have that one friend, who no one else wants to be friends with – thats Amys best friend Melissa. Mels been a common thread in Amys life for years but now things are changing and revenge can be sweet.

I enjoyed this book immensely, having had Jane Fallons previous book – Getting Rid of Matthew, recommended to me and not enjoying it as much as i thought I would I was cautious this time around. I really didn’t need to be. The story flows quickly and you’re instantly on Amys side, supporting her and wanting a new man to sweep her off her feet.

The book is out on January 18th – perfect for those cold January evenings.


The lovely people at Michael Joseph and Penguin have just sent me through this signed copy. Aren’t they wonderful 😁

Official Description:

A provocative, hilarious new book about the glory and toxicity of female friendship from Sunday Times bestselling author Jane Fallon. Available for PRE-ORDER NOW. ‘I’ve just finished this . . . it’s FABALISS. I was SO GRIPPED’ Marian Keyes Best friend, soulmate, confidante . . . backstabber. Amy thought she knew everything there was to know about her best friend Melissa. Then again, Amy also thought she was on the verge of the wedding of her dreams to her long-distance fiancé. Until she pays a surprise trip home to London. Jack is out, but it’s clear another woman has been making herself at home in their flat. There’s something about her stuff that feels oddly familiar . . . and then it hits Amy. The Other Woman is Melissa. Amy has lost her home, her fiancé and her best friend in one disastrous weekend – but instead of falling apart, she’s determined to get her own back. Piecing her life back together won’t be half as fun as dismantling theirs, after all. ‘Hugely compelling . . . I loved it and just couldn’t put it down!’ Ruth Jones

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