Want You Gone by Christopher Brookmyre

Thanks to the people at Little, brown book group and NetGalley I got the next installment in the Jack Parlabane series as an Advance Read Copy. It was officially published for release on 20th April ( two days ago) so for me the Easter bunny delivered early! 

Let me start by admitting I am a huge fan of Brookmyres writing; It’s political, informative, and I share his obvious fan status when it comes to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This is the eighth instalment in the Parlabane series – in which we follow a journalist who will do almost anything to get is story, whilst uncovering the truth. His accomplice is someone we have met before, but know little about, Buzzkill. The story is about Parlabanes return to journalism, but the main theme is hacking, and I’ll admit some parts really did make me question my own online security along with some OMG moments of realisation.

For me this book was perfect, even though there was a techy acronym or two that I had to refer to google for. It flowed well, and I couldn’t stop turning the pages. The real identity of Buzzkill should have been obvious early on, a little like the ending but I think because you get so involved in the story from the first chapter there isn’t the opportunity to think ahead and try to work it out which is good. I think whether you’re a fan of crime fiction, Brookmyre or just wanting a book to read this should be on your 2017 must read list.

Want You Gone is out now, so go and treat yourself to a new read today. 

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