The Girl Before – J P Delany

I enjoyed the idea of living by the rules, everything in its place, no unnecessary items in your life, constant checks on your life to help you improve your mental state and health. Actually I just like the idea of an always clean kitchen!

The story flicks between the then story of a previous tenant and the now story of the current. Both seeming to be vulnerable and have similarly appearances. The story is about who killed Emma, because Jane has a better chance of survival if she knows.

The promo about the book suggested to me that the tenants lived under stricter rules then actually were applied, I was thinking more big brother house than come and go as you please. I wasn’t disappointed though. It’s difficult to tell from a kindle, but I think the book is a good ‘short’ read. – I finished it in a night, because the book flows well it makes this so easy to keep reading.

It’s a good distraction for a couple of hours and worth a read, but I don’t think it needs to be at the top of your neatly stacked book reading list.

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