Final Girls – Riley Seger

I had my wish granted by the NetGalley Angels for this ARC – I am so happy it was granted.

This book centers around Quincy, a survivor, last girl standing following a massacre. Now year later leading a normal life Sam turns up, also a survivor.

As Quincy cant recall the details of that night in the woods we jump between present day, and that night. The storyline creates an instant distrust of Sam, is she really who she says she is, how has she managed to hide all these years? As I went through the book, I ended up really questioning most of the characters – who really was responsible for the massacre, Sam, the cop? The boyfriend? Quincy herself?
I ve got around 20% of the book left to go and I’ve now got a pretty good idea of how it will play out, some obvious clues if you think about them.

I found this book page turning from start to finish, as thrillers go it kept me on my toes, the wrong footing of the narrative and final outcome was pleasantly believable, once this becomes a best seller Im sure it’ll be snapped up to be a blockbuster.

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